Our Expertise

Getting insights from data is not enough. We use external data and all your relevant experience, expertise, and machine data to value your current and future choices and opportunities. Only then is it possible to answer the question: how can my organization get from data to actions that create maximum value?

We offer a unique perspective, and can put an accurate dollar value on anything, even things that may seem unquantifiable. Because we can value choices, we can quickly identify the opportunities and actions that can provide the most value. In every engagement, we work closely with our client to develop a comprehensive, situation-specific understanding of the current and future choices and opportunities, relevant uncertainties, and potential payoffs. We have advanced the disciplines of information, probability, and finance, and have expertise in problem-solving, software, data, and consulting. We conduct projects across all industry sectors and functional areas, including marketing, pricing, supply chain, risk management, and cash-flow, commodity, or asset portfolio modeling.

Software Tools
Software Tools

We use our proven proprietary software to build dynamic models and develop value-creating execution strategies, sometimes in just a matter of hours. The power and flexibility of the software platform means that, as opposed to other models organizations use, we can expect that as the custom software model is built, it will be converging with our mental models of reality. The platform supports Bayesian updating, learns over time, and even incorporates the knowledge that it will learn in the future into today's action recommendations. The software is fully transparent so that every detail, relationship, and output of the model can be investigated and interrogated. The recommended conditional strategies can be explored and visualized, key change points in important model parameters and indicators can be identified, and ad hoc queries can be made, like “How will future conditions affect the prices we should set?” We can put a dollar value on how much value is created by switching to our recommended strategy. By locating inefficiencies in traditional strategies, our models have measurably increased the value of our clients by as much as $460M and in as little as three days.


Once models have been refined and tested, we work with clients to ensure proper actions are taken. As needed, we train end users, alleviate forecasting biases, teach advanced valuation, and build modeling skills and understanding.

3 Software Product Types

Get help with your unique business situation.

Major strategic decisions such as mergers and acquisitions, large-scale capital expenditures, and the introduction of new products have large potential impact on value. Time scales tend to be relatively long, encompassing many potential decisions and complex interrelated uncertainties. By leveraging Provisdom's decision platform technology, you can drastically reduce the time required for strategic analysis and provide greater transparency and confidence to stakeholders.

Repeatedly use a template for consistency and speed.

Repetitive situations offer the opportunity to build a software product that serves as a template to be customized.

Automate and optimize.

Dynamic pricing and other high-speed, high-data-flow strategies require prescriptive analytics and tailored dynamic Bayesian predictive analytics. Once automated data-to-action models have been developed, refined, and proven, we can provide periodic model review and refresh as required. Models can be hosted either on our clients' systems, within the cloud, or within our own secure environment. If necessary, we can perform live A/B testing to show how much value is being created with the new system.